Just as you are and why I love it

Just as you are.

It sounds pretty simple but at times it can feel far more complex than we’re really willing to admit.

When it comes to photographing my own family I have journeyed through “this is how I’m supposed to do it” to “this is how I want to do it” and the resounding answer is JUST AS YOU ARE.

Why? Because I see this as our most beautiful selves, when we can be just as we are without pressure to behave in a certain way, dress a certain way or even look a certain way. We can go about our daily lives and photograph that it in all its glory, mess and quirkiness.

Ultimately what I am most passionate about is being our selves because there’s no one else we can be, and isn’t it awkward, time consuming, difficult to try and be something we are not.

My number 1 goal is to document as honestly and respectfully as I can. This is not without it’s challenges, for example I am torn about documenting things like tantrums (although these feelings are valid is it necessary to document it? maybe I should be as it brings about more societal acceptance that it’s ok for small children to feel upset about different things - to them it IS important)

I hope through my work we can collectively (myself included) reframe our ideas of what family photography is and what is worthy of being photographed. And to also really embrace the multifaceted dimensions of life and all the complexities and simple joys it brings.

I spent a rainy Saturday morning with this gorgeous wee girl and her Mum who are dear friends of mine. We had a loose idea of some activities that we thought would be fun to document (making pancakes, getting ready for ballet, crafting etc) but litte Miss had other ideas. From brushing her teeth in a variety of colourful hats, masks and crowns, to an all out dance/gymnastic bonanza to the Moana soundtrack, we had so much fun!