An Hour-by-Hour Project

One Saturday Morning

I saw the idea for this project online and it really appealed to me as it was not something I had ever done before. The basic idea behind this project, as the name suggests, is that for each hour of the day you take a photo of what is happening. For example if you start at 7am you take a photo of what is happening at 7am, then wait until 8am to take a photo of what is happening at 8am and so on. I am a “sprinter” not a “marathon runner” when it comes to photography, so I get really excited at the beginning of a project and take loads of photos and then it all tapers off! This is pretty much what happened on this particular day, but I’m ok with that and maybe next time I’ll try and be a bit more selective about how many images I am taking in order to pace myself.

 What I did

I started this project when I got up at 7am and finished at 7pm. We planned to stay at home all day anyway, so it made it an easier day to photograph than if we had to go our somewhere (and all the pressures that come with that!). Sometimes I can get stuck in the mindset of thinking “there’s nothing interesting to photograph at home” but in actual fact there are so many things I don’t have the opportunity to capture normally because I’m focused on other things, such as housework. I intentionally went into the day with an open mind and to look for beautiful, tender and funny moments.

 What I learnt

Stepping out of how I would normally approach photographing the children and finding a fresh perspective in what I would have previously dismissed as being mundane, was really liberating. One thing I would like to try next time is to get in the frame with the family (I don’t know why I didn’t?!) I imagine this type of project would be a wonderful one to repeat over and over, challenging myself each time to photograph different details and moments than before. I think it’s also a project that would evolve beautifully not only as the children grow, but as I continue to grow as a photographer.